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All the taste of nature's products

Miele del Mondo

All the taste of nature's products

Who we Are

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"Miele del Mondo" is born from the meeting of two deeply different cultures and knowledge, distant from each other. We are a young, stable and dynamic company specializing in the production and development of high quality food products that from the beginning, as a guiding principle of its philosophy, has paid attention to the impact of food on the daily well-being and longevity of each individual.
Collaborating with companies, carefully selected by us, who share our vision and entrepreneurial courage, we are sure to offer the consumer scrupulously controlled products from the point of view of traceability, genuineness, naturalness and above all excellent quality and excellence of the territory. Among our customers are some of the most important food groups in the industry with a particular focus on the Middle East where "Made in Italy" , to a greater extent than in other parts of the world, is synonymous with quality, originality and style.


Natural Sweetener

The natural choice in sweetening means, without any doubt, the contribution of calories, but through something that the body recognizes as healthy and which incorporates and immediately turns into available energy.

Honey is less rich in calories than sugar, more digestible and also has many properties: antibiotic, diuretic, soothing, depurative, detoxifying and naturally restorative.


They are the ideal answer to our energy needs to face everyday life with an extra boost. They can be consumed at any time of the day, whether it's a work break or an afternoon s nack. Thanks to the honey contained in them they are particularly suitable for athletes w ho need an additional dose of energy before, during or after a physical effort. All the e lements used in the preparation process are of unquestionable quality and of controlled origin so every occasion is ideal to take advantage of the high reconstituting and invigorating power that these bars offer.


They are the result of the meeting of two different cultures that, after a long and careful study, has given rise to drinks made of genuine ingredients, fruit and honey, but above all with a flavor that is more than pleasing and ideal for all tastes and any need.

Made for people who are attentive to their daily well-being, active and dynamic as they are a source of natural energy that increases the physical and mental vitality we need every day to support the rhythms of modern life. Suitable to cope with the children's thirst because of the lack of refined sugars and chemical additives, rich in mineral and non-carbonated salts, but above all very pleasing to the palate of our young consumers.


The path of "Miele del Mondo" was born with the marketing of this precious energetic food composed of vitamins, enzymes, oligomineral and naturally simple sugars that are easily digested, the product of the transformation, carried out by the bees, of the nectar of the flowers. Our company offers its customers a rich variety of monofloral honeys, an explosion of colors, aromas, flavors with different characteristics and nutritional properties depending on their origin and available in a wide range of formats. The almost daily relationship with beekeepers provides us with the certainty of presenting the consumer with a natural product of high quality, traceability and excellence.


Thanks to a sweet combination of tradition and innovation, knowledge and creativity, comes a line of honey candies: Drops, Gel, Mieline, Crunchy Sesame and, to meet the needs of today's market, we also offer a variety of "sugar free" for those with special dietary needs. Made with a high percentage of honey, natural food and energy, as well as possessing soothing, relaxing, antibacterial properties. They are a real pleasure for the palate and the mind.


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Miele del Mondo s.r.l.
Via Crosa 67 28065 Cerano (NO)
Phone +39 0175 86184 - P.IVA 02548560032

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